Apart from California and Florida in the US,  Disney has exquisite theme parks in Paris and Hong Kong. This is the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. The Paris based theme park has been organising international tours, private events, birthday parties and corporate events for clients across the world. But this year, it’s going to be something different.  Yes, Disneyland Paris has entered the destination wedding market.

Well, if a Disneyland themed marriage is on your mind, then get ready to turn your dreams into reality!  For the first time ever, Disneyland Paris has decided to transform their tour management expertise into weddings.  Hannah Bezold of  Disneyland Paris says “Now you can become a Disney Princess on your wedding day!”

“The concept of an Indian bridegroom coming on a chariot is exhilarating. Add to it the dancing baratis, the pomp and show with singing, music, and dancing. It gives a pretty picture that we could add colour to with our expertise in the extravaganza. So we thought that we should enter the Indian market, where the weddings are big and opulent.  Now you can have a wedding set in the land of fairy tales and all things sweet” says Hannah Bezold. A wedding that will be etched forever in the hearts of all your guests. A Disney themed wedding amidst scenic gardens, Sleeping Beauty castle and an unforgettable feast.

Says Hannah, “Singer John Legend performed on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. It was a beautiful performance in front of our castle. It was spectacular. We also had an electronic festival called Electroland, our first festival in July.”

At the Vogue Wedding Show, Team Evesly spoke to Hannah Bezold of Disneyland Paris. She spoke on fairy tale weddings and more. Here are few excerpts from the interview.

Hannah Bezold at the Vogue Wedding Show
Picture Credit: Sandip Sen

Evesly: After private events and birthday parties, what inspired Disneyland to take up weddings?
Hannah Bezold:  We decided we should open the world up to weddings as well. We had three weddings so far. They were the UK and French weddings. We decided Indian weddings would be absolutely perfect since we got the space and flexibility. If a bride wants to be Cinderella, Jasmine or her own princess, she will write her story in the events and you can have a 3-day celebration filled with themes, fireworks, shows, and magic.

Evesly: What inspired you to take up Indian weddings?
Hannah Bezold: The themes and the 3D celebrations. We find that the Indian weddings here love décor and show. And that’s what we love to do. In European events, they love show as well but not like Indian weddings. To have a Barat and to put the prince in a carriage and have dancers going up and down the street along with the music. Well, that is Disney’s expertise. We have a parade every day, so why not transform it into a wedding parade. That’s the dream.”

Evesly: Have you have had any bookings from India this season?
Hannah Bezold: We have just had a lot of bookings since starting the Vogue Wedding Show. And we do have a couple of potential clients who are interested whom we have met through Indian event agencies. We collaborated with Indian agencies because they know our stories, they also know all the customs and the traditions. Hence, we work a lot with India. Also, we have Indian chefs that we could use.