Indian brides have tolerated the age old traditions for long. The do’s and don’ts were just too many for brides. They are begining to realize that it is time you drop the veil and show what you really are. Breaking cliché looks and style is the least our lovely brides-to-be need to do. Be it their bridal lehenga color or hair style, today’s brides like to experiment and choose their wedding attires according to their personalities.

So we talked to a few brides on the biggest irritant that they are doing away with. The response was surprising. Why must brides wear those killer 6-inch heels during the many wedding functions? Why give super hard time to your delicate feet when you have this gorgeous designer Juttis to make you a rocking modern bride? Because you know what comfy is the new sassy!

Your feet deserve some happy time

After all the wedding madness finally, this day has come when all your hard work will be out there for your family and friends to see. Don’t you wish to just sit back and see all those happy faces? How is that possible when your feet will be hurting? Just think!

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Let your feet have some happy dance time

Come on! Whom are you lying to? Heels are never comfortable to dazzle and dance with. Especially with your desi thumkas and with the bhangra beats on the floor. Indian dance moves bring out the real you from the pretentious self. And the real you loves juttis. You really don’t belong to all those jazzy heels don’t fit.  So chill and stop pretending to be someone that you are not.  Just think!

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Fewer chances of  an embarrassing trip up

Our brides know heels are hard to walk in, especially when you are wearing a heavy embroidery lehenga weighing no less than 5 kilos. Strutting down on the aisle in front of a huge audience with pencil thin stilettos you are not used to, is not what you would dream of every day. So why not choose this gorgeous designer Juttis and avoid embarrassment. Also the risk of injury and scars of falling flat on your face. Just think!

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You don’t want to make your wedding shoes a vintage in glass doors

There are a number of brides who never ever wore their wedding heels, again. Yes because the painful bruises that are still vivid in their mind. Blinged Juttis are so trendy you don’t wanna miss having those in your wedding snaps, do you? Just think!

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It is not the real you

If you are not sporting high heels on regular basis but still choose to wear one on your D-day just to look “fashionable” – Girl, you are on a wrong path. Staying true to your personality is what real fashion is meant to be. Your man would love to know about you as you are without any alteration. Just think!