A lot of time goes into making wedding invitation cards. Trendsetting ideas that are customized are totally a cool thing. You can customize the good old ideas into new ones. Customized illustrations, motifs, colors, alternatives to paper, funny words and puzzles. All this make for a good start to inform others about your wedding day. Here are some of the quirky but fun wedding invitations trends that you’ll love!

Solve the puzzle

Ever thought of a jigsaw puzzle wedding invitation card? Yes, you read that right. The invitees need to the solve the puzzle game to find out the wedding details. A fun activity, wherein you can keep your guests hooked on. A way to let them know more such beautiful surprises are ahead.

Creativity with laser cut designs

A customized laser cut design wedding card for creative couples. It includes a lot of detail. These are done using laser cut printers. You can write words inscribed in laser cut designs in various shapes like circles or squares. You can also turn a little portion of the card into laser cut designs like florals.

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Papers are too mainstream

Surprise your guests with an invitation printed on a different material. For example, wood! Words engraved on wood look aesthetic. You can also keep it in two parts. You can write the wedding date on wood and the rest of the information on paper.

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Handkerchiefs are preserved

Handkerchief wedding trends were very popular years ago. Some even preserve it today as memories. But these vintage designs have made a huge comeback this year. Words printed on a handkerchief in calligraphy writing folded and sealed with a paper strap makes for a classy invitation. You can put in a box or an envelope along with chocolates!

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Fandom wedding cards

Are you and your partner fans of Harry Potter? Or maybe GoT? Then how about wedding cards featuring your favorite fandoms! Geeky wedding cards can actually give a refreshing look to your wedding cards. It also means celebrating your and your partner’s similarities together.

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Something Bollywood

Bollywood themed RSVP wedding cards with movie names inscribed on it. Alternatively, you can insert movie posters with your faces photo-shopped in it or custom painted. You can get them done from card designers or get them done from online sites like Indian Hippy.

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Acrylic wedding invitation

These stunning mirrored acrylic wedding invitations are the perfect if you want to make things look elegant. A mirrored acrylic RSVP card is beautiful and stands out design. You can customize designs according to your choices.

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