New bride? Picture perfect always. Well, it’s not all about the party as you have well understood by now! The society has ‘some’ expectations which the ‘Sati-Savitri’ bride has to live up to! If not, then friends and relatives will start whispering about you and you’ll be judged even before you’ve said – Hello!

What are the things that you expect from a new bride?

To have glowing skin, to be well groomed and polite all the time no matter how frustrated or tired she is after all the wedding extravaganza! Our society believes that weddings are always supposed to be a joyous affair and you cannot pout at all (except for a selfie of course).

But what about the bride?

It is very important that you acknowledge the bride’s nervousness and clumsiness. It’s a very new life where it’s not just about the guy, but also his family. What happens when all the celebrations end? What happens after she moves into her new home? That’s when the real story starts. She is expected to be someone she is not, the perfect bride. Oh! Is she better than her?   Expectations! What a heavy weight it is to carry!

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This is your new home – Love it!

She is expected to enjoy her new life and not miss her home where she grew up as a child. This transition cannot come all of a sudden. Give her some time to soak in the newness of the new home. Don’t be unrealistic enough to demand that she loves the place immediately!

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You are well groomed – aren’t you?

Change is the only constant factor in life but it certainly comes with a lot of challenges. Here she can’t be herself, she has to look poised no matter how she feels. This has to change! Expecting too much from her can ruin her opinion of her in-laws. Patience is the key to build strong relationships. Let her make mistakes and learn from them. Be kind!

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Dressing down is a crime-don’t you know?

Wedding festivities are full of changing outfits and makeup. After some time, all you want is the simplicity and home comfort of pajamas and faded T-shirts. True that! One can not be always well dressed, no matter how crazy a fashionista she is. Let her be herself. Don’t make her cater to your guests’  in heavy sarees all the time.

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You are always supposed to be polite- practice it!

After marriage, a bride meets endless guests and relatives. Half of their names have already popped out of her mind. After the tiring and long-drawn ceremony, the introductions can be taxing! A bride is expected to always be sweet and understanding and not to forget the widest smile till he cheeks hurt! This is torture for a woman who has so many changes happening in her life already. Make her feel at home and appreciate her, not make her cater to your guests!

A family that appreciates its members always stays together!