You know him but still, you feel a bit strange. The butterflies just don’t settle down in your stomach and the newness of it all is charging the air around you – Welcome to the world of courtship!  It is the wisest prelude to a marriage.

To have confidence in your partner is a positive sign and you secretly want to cherish this relationship come what may. When you have reached the courtship period, it means that you have agreed to seal this bond of love. Sweet nothings, little disagreements and bridging the horizon of singleton are phases of it. Here are few ways to deal with the hiccups that come along:

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Go ahead and explore

All of us have that impossible kid in us who never grows up. Spend some time with that ‘kid’ in your spouse and understand the layers of your companion’s personality. Hopefully, you may get obsessed with this new found soul and redefine love in your own way. Similarly, don’t change yourself according to the choices of your partner rather stay true to yourself. Because changing for someone is quite different from pretending to change.

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Being romantically inclined is not cliche

Dates may be a taboo for young couples but its just another way to spend some quality time. Plan and plunge in the sweet-nothing dates or working-lunch and do it just to surprise your partner. This is the most adorable way to show how much you care for him.

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Leave the past alone

Whatever happens, happens for good…!

Avoid questions that can ruin your day especially when you both are already overworked. Dwelling on your partner’s past can be taxing as it would bring back bad memories and affect your present. It is very unnerving for your partner to be held answerable for something which is no longer a part of his life. Moreover, now that he is yours, love him without any condition.

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Trust is your driving force

In our urban universe, more than love, trust and respect help to sustain a relationship. When you lay down the foundation make sure it’s strong enough to face the test of time. Unwarranted suspicion and doubt weaken the bond. Undoubtedly faith always pays in future.

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Give yourself  some time and be patient

If love is a gamble then patience is the only ace. Give yourself some time to understand if this is what you wanted all through your life. Soak in the entire aura of getting married and spending the future together. It is very natural for us to draw quick conclusions about our partners in particular situations. Tailor your mind to avoid being too sentimental or judgmental. Allow yourself to gradually walk through the phase.