If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will keep on believing it’s stupid, Albert Einstein once said. New parents are always plagued with worries and fears of making the wrong choices for their kid. Does making choices for your kid’s future freak you out too?  Well, Yashodhara is here to change all that.

Your kid’s future is literally in your hands!

Kids are that little bundle of energy, whose talents need to be discovered at an early age. If they like playing the piano and you make them do karate, it might affect your kid’s performance. Not just that, she/he might end up believing they are ‘stupid’ or not good enough. This leads to low self-esteem and depression in later stages. No need to freak out though, Yashodhara who is a mom herself of an 8-year-old, takes on the most common questions that nag new parents.

How do I help my kid discover her potential and what she’s good at?

Yashodhara says,”  I always wanted to play safe with my child and never wanted to end up forcing her to take up something which she is not born for. That is how we came across the DMIT test.” It’s a multiple intelligence test which discovers the personality and interest area of a child by analyzing their fingerprints. Fingerprints are connected to brain lobes which tell you which is the personality type of a kid. It is used by various organizations like the FBI, and career counselors all over the world.

This test will show you whether your kid is musical, creative, analytical, logical, spiritualistic or kinesthetic. Now you can pick out activities for your child without worrying about screwing them up.

Isn’t hard work the key to success? Why do I need the test?

Yashodhara says that many parents don’t pick out activities for their kids on the basis of their potential. Instead, they feel that what the neighbor’s kid does is the best option. But your child may be different with a unique skill set. If the child doesn’t get to do what she is naturally good at, she might be able to excel in other fields but dissatisfaction and depression may follow. Around 81% people are unsatisfied with their jobs today.

How can the test give my kid a right direction?

Yashodhara shares an example from her own life where she made her daughter learn how to play the piano. ” She was very excited for three months that she was learning something new. But after a while she got bored.” Just like any other mom, she also thought her efforts had been in vain. But after she made her daughter take the DMIT test, she got a clearer perspective on what was right for her daughter.

She says,” I discovered my daughter is a kinesthetic meaning that she cannot sit in one place for more than an hour.” That’s when she made her join skating which involves a lot of physical activity and her daughter can excel in that as she already has the required personality for it.

How can I get the right help?

Yashodhara who is the brains behind Kidzopedia says,” Kidzopedia is all about exploring the best after school learning opportunities for children whether it is an activity or an academy. Being a centralized platform, it helps parents in discovering the hidden talents and abilities of their children all in just no time.”