A workplace is where people from different ages, personalities, backgrounds, and cultures come together by default. They have to co-exist under one roof and deliver a team effort. No matter how dedicated and determined you are about the job, the distinct intensities of the folks around you can cause friction.

So are workplace disputes bound to happen? Yes. We know for sure, they do happen. If not attended they could somehow lead to the clash of thoughts and words.

Be the ‘slayer’ not the ‘player’

Cordiality and friendliness are the keys to your colleagues’ hearts. Be nice and polite to everyone. There is always a right time and a right way to speak out your mind and suggestions. Playing mind games and indulging in the so-called ‘office politics’ will definitely land you in trouble. Besides, you will be always in a dilemma on how to react. So choose the fair and straight path. The effort should be to try to reduce and not stoke confrontation.

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Think before you speak

Zip up your lips before those offensive words jump out of your mouth. Always remember an offensive word will get an offensive retribution. That will not help anyone.

No back-fencing!

Avoid buzzing around with your co-workers as much as possible. Discuss the problems face-to-face with your team, no back-bitching! Chit-chatting about problems and lobbying to create groups is like shooting at your own foot. This would certainly hit you back someday because gossip travels fast.

Do not over react!

Misunderstandings may happen. Wrong communication is also not a big deal! People do make mistakes. Things and people are supposed to be analyzed and understood. Use the strength of mind and not the tongue.

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Keep your contacts friendly but formal

Keep your contacts limited and meaningful. A formal polite contact with all your colleagues will help you. If you are friendly and helpful, but still manage to maintain a distance, it will turn out the flames of dispute coming your way.

Try to listen to the other viewpoint

Lending an ear to your colleagues will help you avoid arguments at the workplace. Try and put yourself in their shoes. Give them the empathy you wish you should get. When it is your turn to speak keep calm, choose your words wisely and then assert if need be.

So in this way whenever conflict rears, you can douse the flames. You can also cover your back from other erupting heads across the cubicle.