The ‘weird’ thing about us women is that we never say what we mean. Worse we never mean what we say. We don’t give this special treatment just to the men in our lives but also to our girlfriends and best friends! So, if you have a bestie, we’re pretty sure you use this code language of affection with her. This year, on the friendship day, decode this language with us and let them know the meaning behind your words! We bet they will be shocked!

When I said BFFs, I literally meant it!

So did you think it was something like death do us part? No way! I literally meant Best Friends Forever!! If your gal homie always has your back, there’s no way you can do without her in the grave. Make sure you tell her how deadly serious you are, pun intended.


When I called you an obsessive stalker!

Hello? That’s code for ”I’m so glad you worry about me”. I’m so thankful that you would even use pliers to get all the secrets out of me when I’d rather suffer in silence. So, next time your friend accuses you of stalking her phone or acts like a satellite wanting to know your whereabouts, you know what she really means!


When I say Friendship over!

Your friend will love the decoding of this one! Friendship over is code for ‘I’m very hurt.. and need some urgent pampering and loads of it!” You better not take it at face value and throw in the towel. Take turns to make each other feel special, yes we said Turns!


When I returned your ‘special’ gift

What do you have against my love life? Why on earth would you give me a friendship bracelet to wear? I don’t really plan to live with cats in my old age. So kindly don’t force me to wear stuff that kills my dating life. As for the rest..I like Chanel and Kasir best!

When I introduce myself as your gay friend

I just want to establish my territory! No way can you give ‘our’ time to your boyfriend! So, just to let him know he can’t intrude between us it’s much better to have it out in the open.

Share with us the codes that you and your bestie use and let the world know your friendship story!