#Previous. Continuing with our series on period pains, we give you few more tips to ease cramps. Painful periods have always been inevitable for most of the women around the world. Based on their physiology, eating habits, heredity and physical environment the rate and intensity of the pain differ. Some suffer so much that many times they are forced to miss their office or college while for some ‘those’ days are as calm as the normal ones. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts you must sincerely follow if you wish to have a pain-free flow!

Say good bye to painful periods with these home remedies

    • Drink luke warm water with honey or ajwain seeds.
    • Drink Cinnamon bark and ginger tea before your periods start and also on the 1st day, this will help you keep the cramps away.
    • Soak fennel seeds in water overnight and drink the strained water the next morning, it will help you release the cramps and maintain the regularity of your periods.

    • Mint leaves and tamarind pulp help keep the abdomen cool and calm so try and include them in your diet as much possible.
    • Extract of boiled jamun trees roots or coriander leaves taken 3-4 times a day works like a magic.
    • Fruit juices specifically grape juice can also help soothe your abdomen.
    • Instead of the usual analgesics like ibuprofen you can opt for naturopathy like Asokristha and Sunandini.

Don’t do if you have period cramps

  • Do not skip meals. Being on an empty stomach will add on to the pain and weakness.
  • Do not eat junk food and avoid rice to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Avoid proteins and dairy products.

  • Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, smoking and salty food.
  • Stress and fear leads to more pain.
  • Drink as much water as possible and practice physical exercises, yoga and meditation at least 30 mins a day to keep your mind and body calm.