Life is a breeze. Or it should be. Life is more comfortable today than ever before, but still many complain that stress is higher. They are harried souls who needlessly worry. Many are those who do not live in the present. For them either the past was bliss or the future will be utopia. But by thinking like that they lose out on the present.

Stress is usually the refuge of disorganized people who love being overburdened with something or the other. Sometimes when organized people take up more load they can handle they get over stressed. Either way, it affects people who are not in control of their lives. Those who cannot find out the easy, fun and smart way to live. So what are the ways to live stress-free?

Stop commuting long distances

The workplace is where we spend a little over a fourth of our lives. For those who love to commute for 4 hours a day, it could work out to a third of your lives. So it should be a place where you enjoy being a part of. How can that happen if you reach your office fagged out after a tiring two-hour journey? So how to achieve happiness? Simple, either move your home close to the workplace or your workplace close to the home. Means either you change your house or you change your job.

Why is commuting time important for happiness. Simple again. Time is money. Do a thumb rule calculation. If you are paid Rs 40,000 for 200 hours ( 8 hrs x 5 days x 5 wks) of work a month you get paid at Rs 200/hour. If you are commuting half hour each way to work, a total of one hour daily, it works out pretty reasonable. But if you are commuting for 2 hours daily your pay drops to Rs 160 per hour and if you are commuting for 4 hours daily you get devalued – you really earn just two third of your pay or Rs 133 per hour. So be sure to take action and change your home and office to get the right value for money.

Turn Monday morning blues into excitement

Once we thought that only lazy people complained of Monday morning blues. But if we look deep it is not only the lazy but the dumbest and disorganized who think and say that the workplace is a bad place to be. Work keeps you mentally fit, agile and competitive. The office is to your mind what your Zumba classes or gym is to your body. So why should you abhor work which helps you to earn more, learn more, acquire skills and keeps you relevant?

Rather you should look forward to the Monday morning excitement. The office should be some enjoyable place for working and creativity. It should be exciting and free from stress. Just like school and college was. The easiest way to do so is to plan out your work and stay half a day ahead. The boss will never allow you to fall behind the schedule and stay in peace. So why not make a little more effort and stay ahead of schedule, without your boss knowing it. Finish your work and keep it ready without announcing that it is done. When asked just blink and produce it as if you have done it by black magic.

Make friends at work and identify your foes

Remember school times. It was so easy and fun then. Recreate the atmosphere at the workplace. But for that, you have to make friends at the office. Just like school and college you need to have your chums. People with whom you can share intellectual pursuits. Another lot with whom you can just yap mindlessly and yet few others with whom you can share your soul searching questions.

Also, it is important to identify your foes to live stress-free at work. Who is your foe? Anyone who does not allow you to smoothly carry out your work. It could be a lazy compatriot or an over bearing boss or a careless junior, you have to identify and take care of them. Just plan to neutralize their negative impact what ever be the consequences. If you have to live stress-free, your work should be smooth flowing. Remember your output will be the criteria that ultimately decide your outcome in the long run. So be ready and work to remove all barriers to your success at work. There are many other ways to live stress-free that we will discuss in days to come. #MoreToCome.