A mother, a daughter, a wife and an employee,  is no doubt a synonym to a super woman. Working for 40+ hours a week and then meeting up the responsibilities at home. Don’t forget we have to play the role of a mother ( child care ) and a daughter and daughter in law (elder care ) and a home maker ( husband care). Then apart from our professional duties and home duties, we have also to look glamorous, beautiful and picture-perfect.

It is no wonder that working women are excessively tired. But a good night sleep ( if you can get one)  can mend it all, charging you up for the next day. If this is not the case with you and you feel tired all day long, there’s something not fine with your body that needs attention.

Fatigue is however not taken so seriously by most women as fatigue is anyway not a disease! Constant fatigue is a sign that the normal systems of your body are being disrupted. Prolonged weakness can also lead to some serious body issues.

Fatigue is a result of dis-functioning of the endocrine systems. It affects the working of the adrenal glands thereby causing hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance ultimately leads to loss of energy and tiredness, that is, fatigue.

Here are some of the symptoms and remedies of chronic fatigue that you must know and understand.

Symptoms of fatigue:

  • A weak immune system and inability to bounce back from illness.
  • Feeling weak and tired even after sufficient sleep.
  • Feeling exhausted and drained quickly
  • Confusion and irritability
  • Headaches, joint pain, and body pain

Remedies – Gain your energy back!

  • Drink a glass of potato water in the morning. Soak some slices of peeled potato in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning.
  • A glass of carrot and beet root juice early in the morning will add to your red blood cells and boost your energy for the day.
  • Add citrus to your diet. Squeeze a lemon in a glass full of warm water and sip it every morning.
  • Say hello to exercise and yoga. Skipping a rope for about 15 minutes daily will pump up your energy for the day. Yoga will enhance the oxygen intake in your body thereby charging you up!
  • Include magnesium rich foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds and nuts in your daily diet.
  • Fresh fruit juice should also be included in your regular diet.