Age is just a number for Bollywood queens and modeling beauties. Now meet this ‘wonder’ woman from a small village who will prove that it is indeed just a number but also for a commoner. No tools! No cutlery! No modular kitchen! Just an old knife and some traditional spices on an open field> Here she comes set to rule the internet with her cooking skills. Words fall short to describe this 108-year-old great grandmother Mastanamma.

Her channel, “Country Foods”, has over 500,000 subscribers. Shocked? With her strong hand and a never-ending passion for cooking food, this woman from Andhra Pradesh is good to go. YouTube watcher across the globe are going gaga over this super nanny’s delicious and mouthwatering traditional food recipes.

Country Foods: your go to place for weekend food splurge

Her scrumptious egg 65, paneer biryani, peanut laddu, carrot halwa, mutton biryani, desi pizza, fish curry and much more dolloped with granny love will make that banana leaf platter worth dollars.

Picture Credit: YouTube Video

Super granny’s watermelon chicken has got around 79,233 views on YouTube. And just in case you haven’t fallen in love yet, let me tell you she is all organic by default. All her dishes are cooked only on firewood and with natural fuels. For all the tech work, though, she relies on her great-grandson K. Laxman who got the idea of starting a channel on YouTube and still posts all her videos on Youtube.

From a regular granny to a YouTube sensation

Coming from Gudiwada, in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma does all her chores by herself. Moreover, if you visit her den she is not going to leave you without a well-fed treat just like a typical Indian grandmother.

Picture Credit: YouTube Video

Her expertise lies in making egg dosa and seafood platters which she is proud of. Mastanamma is a role model for every Indian woman who wants to start an endeavor no matter how novel and strange but is in self-doubt due to her circumstances in life. From starting from a firewood gas, Mastanamma has no less than five lakh followers. She is a living testament to the saying that It’s better late than never!