We all have lived days when things looked way out of our league and self-doubt takes a toll on us. We all want to bring some meaning to our lives but what about those who don’t even dream to achieve! Apparently, a woman in India is taught every aspect of life, ‘how to be’ and ‘how not to be’ but how many of them are taught to dream big? How many are taught to be national leaders or to be achievers in some sector or role models? Hardly few!

So have we never had anyone to look upon as our role model?  Have we never been told how to get inspired to lead a meaningful life?  Here are some real time role models who have left no stone unturned to achieve what they wanted to. No matter how tough the path was or how weak their circumstances were, they let no excuse stop them from finding  what they sought out to be.

It is the teacher who is sowing the seed

What makes these women extraordinary? It’s just like infusing an idea in your mind and inspiring you to go the extra mile to turn that dream into reality. And it’s your teacher who pushes you beyond limits to make you realize what you are capable of. Your teacher challenges you to see if you are courageous enough to first dream.

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P V Sindhu and Pullela Gopichand

“Let’s hate our teachers for pushing us further and believing in us more than we believe in ourselves”, is what PV Sindhu said to celebrate Pullela Gopichand’s faith in her and dedication to turn her into a world class athlete. Sindhu became a household name after her heartwarming success to raise India’s flag at Rio Olympic games. She has always given credit for all the success in her game to Coach Gopichand because apparently he saw the champion in Sindhu and didn’t let her fall until she roared for her winning shot.

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Mary Kom and Ibomcha Singh

L Ibomcha Singh who was bestowed with Dronacharya Award is the madness behind Mary Kom’s success. If intense dedication can be termed as madness he is the spirit behind the meteoric success of   Mary Kom. Though Mary had many other coaches as she went ahead with her boxing but this ‘streak of genius’ was the first person to see a great boxer in Mary Kom.

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Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

If there is someone who surely can’t live with out an adrenaline rush, it’s Patrick Mouratoglou. Boredom kills him. Stress excites him. He is everything that one can call a weirdo, but yet Serena holds him in high regard.  He helped her to become from ‘great’ to ‘history’. This girl from Compton kept going even though she was at an age where many retire and none other than Patrick should be credited for this.

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Oprah Winfrey and Mrs. Duncan

Oprah is a mentor to many as she has touched so many lives through her work which is beyond limits. Yet she was in tears when the producers of her show surprised her by bringing her fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Duncan as a guest on the show. Winfrey admits that Mrs. Duncan was the person who molded her life and made her embrace a love of learning in her classes. “I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Duncan,” Winfrey says.

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Hilary Swank

The Academy Award-winning actress and one of the leading lady of Hollywood had a very humble beginning in the movie industry. But as she climbed the ladder of success she always remembered when Mr. Sellereit at Happy Valley Elementary school gave her a part in the school production of The Jungle Book.

She can never forget how that small step changed her life completely. After receiving her Academy Award, she got nostalgic and said that she wanted to thank him for discovering her acting skills. Though it was a small skit in which she performed at school, it helped her find her love for acting. What if teachers stop giving chance to new talents?  – we would have never got a brilliant actress like Hilary Swank to celebrate in Hollywood.

So first dare enough to dream big!