It is just that… she is more powerful and passionate because she’s in a wheelchair.

Muniba Mazari was just another woman going about her life when life’s biggest opportunity (as she calls it) came her way. The opportunity to explore what she had in her and never knew. But it came in the form of a car accident, which paralyzed her legs for life. Muniba says,” Behind every inspirational picture, there’s an untold story of constant pain, persistent effort, and determination.”

People who fight their battles with a smile on their face, I call them warriors

She laughingly calls herself ‘The Iron Lady’ not because of the courage she displayed in the face of adversity. But because of the metal doctors had to put in her fractured hands during surgery. Was she one of those people who always stay positive in life?

Muniba recalls being kicked out by two hospitals after the accident and realizing that half her body was paralyzed while the other half was fractured on her way to the third. During two months of 3 major and 2 minor surgeries, Muniba was in severe physical and psychological pain. ”Many people left. Even those who were closest to me, who should have supported me left. Life was pointless and aimless. I didn’t want to live,” says Muniba.

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Then how did she rise from the pit of despair?

The best decision she ever made in her life was painting in the hospital with her deformed hand. That’s how she found the artist in herself. She wistfully says,” The paintings added color to my life. Art kept me alive for the two years I was confined to the bed. Without uttering a single word, you can express yourself with it.”

You cannot wait for a miracle to make you walk

Tired of being miserable, cribbing and whining, she made a decision which changed not only her own but others’ lives as well. The first step was to be financially stable. A content writing job that came her way was the first goal scored. A talented painter, she started earning esteem from her painting exhibitions which now grace the rooms of the most powerful women in Pakistan.

When I found the purpose

Not content still, Munirba says that she wanted to do something big! What, she didn’t know. But then she saw a picture which shook her. The picture of a small boy with polio who was sitting with his crying father. The warning on the picture read that if you don’t give your kids the polio drops, they will just end up like that boy. Muniba was outraged to see the boy was being portrayed as a symbol of nothingness and lifelessness. And this is the perception she wants to change. Her big thing!

Nobody can diss our abilities

She doesn’t call herself disabled but differently abled. ” You can have a big smile on the face while sitting in a wheelchair. We don’t need sympathy and empathy.”

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I feel very sorry for people who say they are caged

”I can undoubtedly say that I am caged by my body, but my mind is free, so is my soul and my spirit,” says Muniba. You can’t complain that the system, society, economy, and government are not letting you excel. Muniba feels sorry for such people. She says that despite being caged,” I can still aim high. I can still aspire to inspire. This wheelchair should not be my excuse to not do anything in life.”

Sky is the limit

One thing Muniba asks us to believe is “ Be grateful for what you have and you’ll always have more. If you cry and crib for little things, you’ll never have enough. If you want to be powerful and passionate..learn to convert your adversities into opportunities. The moment you do this, Sky is the limit!”