When a grenade went off in her hand, her life changed forever! She lost her hands and her legs hung by a scrap of skin. Her uncle had to tie it with his handkerchief to prevent them from falling off, recalls Malvika. But what does the bomb blast survivor say to that? ”When I see normal people complain and give in, I feel grateful that the blast gave me a way out of a life of mediocrity.” Today she is a woman achiever and someone who makes us immensely proud of women who fight against all odds.

The blast that changed her life forever

She was just 13, an ordinary teen whose biggest worry in life was to fix the pocket hanging out of her new jeans. And the solution was simple! Just stick it with fevicol, and that’s what she did. Malvika recalls that she went down to the family garage to find a blunt object to apply pressure on her hanging pocket with. Unaware that the ammunition depot in her colony had caught on fire and the bomb pieces were scattered throughout the neighbourhood, she picked up the heaviest thing she could find. A grenade.
“It was 1.15 pm in the afternoon. I remember the time exactly because the clock in my room stopped working at the time of the explosion,” she says quietly. “I took the shell and jabbed it to the pocket. When I repeated the action, it exploded.”

From victim to warrior

After enduring 18 agonizing months of surgery, Malvika says she came back home to find how other peoples’ lives were so normal. They had plans for their lives while she didn’t even know how to go about her own. To have a sense of normalcy, she decided to write her 10th standard board exams despite missing school for two years. Lo and behold, she did awesomely well in her exams and became a state rank holder.
Unstoppable now, Malvika decided to get into the best college in the country. She graduated in economics from St Stephens. Malvika remembers how isolated she felt because she couldn’t enjoy her life like others. All that changed when she went for her masters in social work. She was assigned to teach differently-abled children. She says,”I ended up learning so much from them instead.”

Picture Credit: Mums and stories

Magic happens when you believe in yourself

“After the accident, people told me my life was over. That I am a girl and who would want to marry me now. I would be dictated lists of things I can and cannot do. And I believed them.” After spending time with her differently- abled students she began to think differently. “When I started believing in myself, that’s when the magic started to happen.” Malvika is in a committed relationship now and has prosthetic limbs.

Picture Credit: FRIDAY magazine

And that is what Malvika’s motto is

“Fight and you will survive. Surrender and you will be wiped out.When I see normal people complain and give in, I feel grateful that the blast gave me a way out of a life of mediocrity.” She still has challenges but she says that a bad attitude is the only disability one can have.