For most of us, Mondays are like being jerked awake from a sweet sleep! Nobody can move smoothly from the sweet dreams of the weekend to the nightmare of the week days. But you can surely start your day with lots of hopes and preparation! And it’s super easy. Just follow these simple tips!

Play it up and play it loud!

Yes, we’re talking about music. Rock, Classical, jazz or metal, just raise the volume! Music calms your nerves, relaxing you so you don’t worry too much. It releases endorphins which make you happy and stress-free. So put on your headsets and rock yourself to shape!

Don’t let the Sun go down on your smile!

What can cheer up a dowdy and dull day? Friends! Try to talk to new people and laugh as much as you can. Avoid negative people and look forward to helping others. It will always give you a sense of achievement, making you feel more cheerful. Don’t let the naysayers steal your thunder!

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Live a food fantasy!

What never fails to cheer you up? A food fantasy! Plan an extravagant lunch on a Monday. Make sure you eat something you love. It will give you something to look forward to the whole day and eating good food anyway cheers us up!

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Clear spaces: Of your mind and desk!

One thing that can demotivate you from going to work is pending assignments and messed up work schedules. They say an organized desk is a sign of an organized mind. So, get organized! Plan out your work so that you can finish the days work well within time. Think how you will approach your work to reduce time. Try to stay ahead of schedule. Ensure that there is no pending work. If your desk is clean and less cluttered, you will have less stress and confusion.

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Be your own sunshine with a  pop of color!

When you look good, you feel good! And nothing proves it better than your office outfit. If you are stylishly dressed, you will feel rejuvenated and fresh to work hard and fast. Try to avoid dull colors like white and black. Add a pop of color to the blue Monday with trendy and colorful outfits that will give your mood a lift!

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