A true escapade from city life. Yet being at home. And just a random memory or a thought of it, can bring a smile on to the face. There is a small homestay in the foothills of the Himalayas, skirting the Corbett national park and tucked away in the pretty little village of Kotabag in Uttaranchal. Foothills Himalaya is one such remarkable place.

Reliving the Enid Blyton countryside
The Shergill family owns this 2-acre farm and are your hosts. Sherry, Deepa, Rushill and Amy. Together, they have opened their home to guests from far and near. They have introduced many a city newbie to experiences that could bring an Enid Blyton book alive or all your jungle expedition dream come true.

Photo Credit: Neela V.Raman

The drive to Foothills is a balm to the eyes as well. Beautiful Sal forests, lush green fields, picturesque villages, once you leave the highway. This place has its own distinct character. Adobe rooms built using principles of sustainable architecture, earthy décor that stays true to its roots can be found. Along with this is fresh, organic, self- grown produce that makes its way into the kitchen, that is an experience in itself. Scores of fruit trees from mangoes, litchis, avocados, almonds, pear, gooseberry, mulberry makes sure that you get something or the other all year round. By the time you spend a day here, you have left the city behind. Far far behind- physically and mentally.

Spotting tigers with Rushill
When we take breaks from our normal life, it is to recharge. To reconnect and hopefully return back to the life with a renewed energy. Foothills Himalaya offers you this vibe. It invites you in and lets you be. You could do as much or as little here.

Photo Credit: Neela V.Raman

If you are an active person and seek thrills, take a cycle and go for a customized mountain and forest cycling trip. Or take your bike and go yonder and explore the majestic hills and trails. You could ask for and get personalized and individualized Jeep safaris and guided Corbett trails. ( On a side note but an important one – Young Rushill has the uncanny ability and luck of spotting tigers in Corbet. Do ask to see his collection of videos and pictures of the many splendored animal and bird life in that area).

Trekking, angling or just lazing around
Go trekking. Explore this beautiful forest and mountain on paths explored and charted. Venture into their farm and learn organic farming. If angling is your joy, there are special places that the Shergills can suggest and arrange for you.

Then on the other hand, if doing nothing is your mantra, do that. Take a book and lie on a hammock. Eat delicious home cooked meals. Drink. Sleep. Watch the sunset over the hills. Enjoy the nippy evening and dream on, looking at the star lit night sky. Play with the dogs. Breathe an air that is fresh and sweet. Laugh. Give your mind that much needed rest.

Photo Credit: Neela V.Raman

And above all, the family. They who make sure your glass is always full, the table is always laid with incredibly delicious food and the conversations are always tinged with full throated laughter and stories. Go take a break from your life. You will return anew.