We live in an age where books are becoming less common. Still, it has the stamp of the erudite and an immense snob value. E-books are becoming more and more popular. But to all the bibliophiles out there, since you have got a huge collection of books, use it to décor your room! It’s an easy and budget friendly way to make your room look prettier and more worthy.

If you are a single working woman who has shifted to a newly rented apartment, you can utilize the empty shelves for decoration purposes. Books add beauty to the room. Keep it as neat as possible since it showcases what you read. Books reveal a lot about your personality as each book shows what you love. Bookshelves should be displayed in living rooms. It is a real image booster.

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Choose a mixed collection

People judge you by the selection of books you keep and read. Have a few classics, but only a few. Have a few award-winning books, but only a few.  If you load your book shelf with classics, or award winning books people will know that you are not in touch. So have a heady mix of classics, and award winners, best sellers and pop culture, business books, biography’s philosophy, chick-lit and a  mix of fiction and non-fiction. And yes a couple of coffee table books are a must.

Don’t burden the shelf

Never overload the shelf with too many books because it looks very clingy. If you have a huge collection, you can keep on changing the books on the shelf from time to time. Books add the X-factor to your room. After all, books are our best friends.

Keep it simple

If you want your bookshelf decorating to be perfect, then keep it unvarnished. Adding an item in each shelf will make it look gaudier. Mix and match the items and keep it minimal. Mix larger and smaller decor items and keep on the shelf. See to it that everything looks balanced.

Quirky items to pop up the decor

One of the best ideas for decorating bookcases is to use decor as bookends. Such quirky accessories will help the decor stand out on the shelves. Arrange the books not only in horizontal or vertical manner but also diagonally. Because symmetry is too boring!

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Coloring is important

For this, you can use a shade of paint that’s different from the wall color. Or you can color each shelf in various hues. For example, different shades of red can be mixed and matched to color each shelf. That way it will create a more dramatic effect on the room.

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The balancing act

Add an eye catching antique piece to make the shelf look more striking. For example, an expensive porcelain statue or an antique vase. If you want to try budget friendly ways, you can add jars, pen stands and minions! Try different and quirky elements and keep on experimenting. One of the best and inexpensive ways is to add twinkling lights around a bookshelf.