We all have been aware of the bizarre climatic condition that Delhi faces but how many of us know that this place is the home for some of the most majestic trees. These trees used to lend the capital city a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. From gorgeous golden-yellow Amaltas blooming in summer to the fiery red Palash flowers in spring, we had it all.

Yearning for some greenery to relive your childhood? Some indoor plants? Well, then bring it home! Indoor plants improve the aura and ambiance of your home. It adds a touch of liveliness and freshness in the living space.

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However, not every plant has the same requirements and nor do they grow in the same pattern. That is really challenging. Some plants can survive a long spell of drought while some need continuous care. Some plants look nice in an open living room while some look good in smaller spaces. Some plants live happily in dark corners while some need bright sunlight to stay healthy.

Here are some ways you can arrange your plants in a stylish way and less fussy manner

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Plant headboard is the new ‘in’ thing

While decorating your bedroom a headboard is something which comes on everyone’s wish list. Then why not explore what your room could look like with a natural green headboard? Ask your carpenter to make some shelf line and add some pretty small pots or hang them overboard so that you wake up to a fresh environment. Arrowhead Plant, Creeping Fig, Betel Leaf Plant, Pothos and much more can do good in for your bedroom décor.

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Put a herb garden in your kitchen

Have you ever thought of grabbing a lemon or some mint leaves from your kitchen garden  rather than asking it from your neighbor or doing an urgent online grocery shopping? We live in multi-unit buildings were asking for an outdoor space of your own to grow plants can be a bit over ambitious. Having a method of producing vegetables at least some small fresh foods can be a step up. Mint, lemon, green chili, coriander, rosemary, lemon grass, tomato etc. can go well for your kitchen window. Next time you fall sort of a lemon just grab one from your plant. So design a plant pad and enjoy fresh veggies from your farm.

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Your bookshelf deserves more drama

Aren’t you jealous of those ‘bookstagram’ posts on Instagram? Then why not add a vibrant touch to your boring bookshelf as the top of it was made for more than dust. Put a couple plants up there to make it feel more finished. Money plant, snake plant, lucky bamboo plant, aloe vera look good in shelf areas.

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Give your guest a beautiful welcome

Your front entrance creates the first impression for you, for others, and for unlimited opportunities to come your way. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. Peace lily, Dracaena reflexa, Ferns, Anthurium, Areca palm, etc. are some plants which will look amazing at your door step as they are super cute! Every time you have a guest coming give them a feeling of an aura of success, abundance, and pride even before entering your home.

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Bring a plant ladder

When you don’t get enough quality time outdoors bring it in! Whether it’s a garage storage ladder or an IKEA hack ladder, those steps make an interesting plant storage too. You can DIY quirky pots for the latter to stand out.