Gulab Jamun is the king of every Indian heart. The soft and juicy dessert can be had hot or cold. It is yummy both in juice as well as without the syrup. Like a king, it  can walk alone but looks much better when a queen is around.  Yes, though it can be eaten alone, it tastes really yummy in a company! Pairing it up with a sweet and delicious partner makes it even more delicious. Try these fusions of Gulab Jamun with these delicious partners and indulge in your food fantasies!

Gulab Jamun Rabri

Marry the richness of Gulab Jamun with the creaminess of rabri and it’s nirvana! No need to visit an over expensive restaurant either! Just get your rabri and dip the Gulab Jamun balls in it. Make sure that you eat the Gulab Jamun with the rabri together to get that explosion of flavor and the fusion flow of two distinctive juices to whet your appetite.

Gulab Jamun Parfaits

It only takes 5 minutes! Just heat some milk in a pan and add water and saffron to it. Bring to a boil. Take a glass and add yogurt mixed with cream to it. The second layer will have thinly sliced Gulab Jamuns. The next layer should be of yogurt, followed by the saffron milk. The final layer should be of yogurt again and top it up with a scoop of Gulab Jamun. Serve it to delight the dessert freaks!

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Gulab Jamun Trifle

These are super delicious and super easy to make. Just assemble your kitchen leftovers and you are set.  Take your glass and put some crushed cake as the first layer, followed by whipped cream. The second layer will be of cubed Gulab Jamun and again top it off with whipped cream. Repeat all the layers again and your trifle is ready. Put a scoop of Gulab Jamun on the top and have yourself a treat.

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Gulab Jamun Custard

Just make the custard according to the instructions on the custard powder pack. After the custard is thickened, add a few small Gulab Jamuns to it and let it set. Pour the mix into serving glasses and refrigerate. Take 1 cup of Kala Gulab Jamun pulp and add half tablespoon sugar to it and heat the mixture until blended well. Chill the pulp. Now take your serving glass with custard and pipe the chilled pulp on the custard. This rocking dessert will definitely delight your senses.

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So, try these amazing fusions and let us know which one worked out best for you!