A cup of oatmeal in your daily diet builds your immunity, reduces the risk of heart-diseases, lowers the cholesterol levels and does everything good!  But are you tired of having the same old tedious ready-to-eat oat meals early morning in the name of ‘healthy breakfast’? Try these. Hardly 10-15 minutes of easy-peasy morning kitchen chores can give a delicious kick start to your day.

Night Long Oats

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Soak a cup of oats in any fruit juice of your choice overnight and top it with some fruits and dry fruits in the morning to have a fruity oat meal breakfast!

Oats Bhurji

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Oat meal cooked with some chopped onions, green chilies and Indian spices with a desi tadka gives you a delicious brunch. It can also be cooked with mixed veggies to make it more healthy and heavy for lunch.

Oats Parantha

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Mix a cup of oats in wheat flour while preparing the dough for your paranthas. Add the spice powders in it and make paranthas. Serve it with wholesome white makkhan and green chutney. It serves as a king size breakfast and makes a perfect lunch box meal for your kids.

Oats Raita

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Some grated cucumber, chopped onion and green chilies in a bowl full of curd with a cup of oats, mix them all and set in the fridge for 10 minutes. Serve cold. You can also add a Sarso-Hing tadka to it in order to spice it up.

Oats Dal

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You have your left over Dal (cooked pulses)of the previous night in the fridge. Try mix it with oats, and it gives a new innovative taste. Since cooked dal is salty in taste some of you will surely prefer it to oats with milk that needs a sweetener to make it tasty.

Oats Smoothie

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Blend some oats, a banana and 2 chikkoos together in soya milk, add few pieces of ice cubes to improve the texture. Pour and sprinkle some coffee powder to garnish the drink. You can modify this smoothie with different fruits every time. A few drops of vanilla extract will enhance the taste.

Enjoy these yummilious oat meal recipes for the week. We will soon come up with other nippy-zippy recipes for your lazy mornings.