Looking for the lip shade with the best of both worlds? Well, the wait is over! L’Oreal teams up with French brand Balmain to bring out three tribes of lip shades we can’t wait to try! From olive green, burnt orange to dark purple these lip shades are giving us all the feels. So scroll through this dreamy collaboration and pick out your favorites!

The #CoutureTribe

Now your couture wardrobe can get a serious face lift with the new Couture tribe shades. It has four awesome lip shades that are perfect to go with your couture look. The tribe has bold red Dominion, deep purple Liberation, coral Confession and rose gold Confidence. Pick out your shade and rock your couture outfit!

The #GlamzoneTribe

There’s no glamor without adventure! So, if your soul thirsts to break away from those fashion boundaries and define your own definitions, this is for you. The Glamzone tribe includes orange Fever, brown Glamzone, beige Urban Safari, and star shade Kaki Balmain Instinct.

The #rocktribe

New rock stars are born with the collaboration of two mega brands of the world! The rock tribe includes dark brown Power, grey Legend, blue Rebellion, and purple Freedom.

Although the launch of luxe lipstick collection was announced in May, we just now got a chance to feast our eyes on the pictures. Balmain and L’Oreal posted the same pictures on Instagram, without revealing the exact day of the drop! However, little birdies say that it is going to be somewhere around September that the lipsticks will finally hit the market. So keep your eyes peeled and purses ready to zap these deh-licious lip shades!