Brides are haunted with massive problems close to their weddings. How do I look beautiful? How do I improve my skin? Guess who handled those crucial questions at the Vogue Master Classes? It was none other than celebrity dermatologist Dr Harshna Bijlani, whose happy clients include Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, and other beautiful names. So, take notes brides and get ready to lose all that stress baggage! Here are 7 skin care myths she busted.

Start early: One month before the big day is too late!

Dear brides, if you think that one short month is enough to remove your scars and pigmentation, then you might as well flush your money down the drain. Harshna says that one month before the wedding is too late to start working on your skin. Doctors cannot wave a magic wand and voila! All your scars will vanish. Harshna advises starting the treatment a good 6 months before the wedding to see effective results.

Want the eternal glow? Harshna has the elusive answer!

Harshna’s answer to this eternal quest is Medi-facials! Using chemical peels and lasers, these facials have no downtime. You can literally get yourself one of these and attend a party in the evening glowing like a pearl. Our desi remedies of eating right, dousing our guts with water, and washing the skin off our face also passed  Harshna’s expert eye. However, that instant glow for the weddings will be too slow to come with these.

Bridezillas, calm down! Acne is curable

Brides no need to freak out seeing the zits on your face. Harshna says that acne is completely curable. Get treatment immediately to get rid of them for eternity. It’s the brown spots and the scars that are difficult to remove, says Harshna. Wonder what can you do to avoid the acne pit? Use a face wash with salicylic acid, antioxidants, and kiwi extracts.

Picture Credit: Sandip Sen

Don’t fret, brides with PCOD

Brides with PCOD can encounter infertility problems frequently. Harshna advises them to start planning a child early as infertility is a major concern in these cases. Oh, and the cure we are looking for is exercise, exercise, exercise.

Don’t be Godzilla, get rid of excess hair!

Harshna says that laser hair reduction is fantastic and yes, it really works! She adds that when you get laser you don’t have to wax a lot. However, she does emphasize that it’s hair reduction, not removal. The laser will not stop hair growth completely but will drastically reduce hair growth. And yes, it’s pain-free and relaxing brides-to-be.

Eye bags cannot stay with a happy bride

Harshna says that eyes and neck are the two body parts which blatantly show your age. She recommends fillers to remove those bags from under your eyes. She also recommends facial slimming for brides who don’t want to put up with broad faces.

Stock up your arsenal with these facials!

Harshna says that stem cell facials are awesome. Also, known as Vampire facials, made popular by Kim Kardashian, these facials are highly recommended for the brides. Jennifer Aniston favorite Laser facials can also be opted for. These come with zero downtime where you can go to a party just after getting facial.