India has all skin types of skin tones. The fair or wheatish or light tones, the dark tones or the yellow hued skin tones. All of them are equally beautiful but how to get that right lip color which will add to the skin glow!  Yes, you can really know the perfect lip shade for your skin tone without taking an expensive test! Just play this game and go shopping!

For the fair ladies!

If your skin tone is white and fair, your lipsticks should be of a ‘blue’ or ‘cool’ undertone. How will you know that? It’s simple! Pick the shade you want, say red. You get two shades of red and swipe them on your hand each. The swatches will be something like this.

The darker one is the blue or cool undertone which is perfect for your skin tone.

Your colors: Fuchsia Pink, Scarlet Red, Bright Coral, Salmon Nude

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For the best of both!

If your skin tone is anywhere from wheatish to copper, you fall into this category. Your best lip shade bet are ‘warm’ undertones. How to know the warm undertone? Simple, the lighter swipe of the red that you made is the warm undertone.

Your colors: Cherry Red, Strawberry Pink, Rosewood Nudes, Fire Corals

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For the dark beauties!

If your skin tone is anywhere from caramel to chocolate, you are a dark beauty! What’s your undertone? A yellow one! Use lip shades with a yellow undertone to bring out the best in you!

Your colors: Punch-like Pink, Crimson Red, Tiger Lily coral, Gingerbread Nudes

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If you’re still not sure about your undertone, then you can take this simple jewelry test!

Just try silver and gold jewelry one at a time against your neck. If gold looks good on you and brings out a glow, then you’re definitely a warm undertone and you should get the above lipstick colors. If silver is more your jewelry, then you have a cool undertone and should try to get lip shades accordingly.