#Previous. Now that we have discussed makeup removal and preparing the surface by application of primer, we come to the next stage of applying foundation. At the Namrata Soni master class at the Vogue Wedding Show, the expert beautician explained how to apply foundation through the Airbrushing.

An airbrush kit consists of an air compressor, an airbrush gun, and makeup. It consists of three types of formulas, water based, silicone based and alcohol based (which contains 99% alcohol, so it is not advisable to use every day). The main advantage is that by using this method the makeup is thinner than the regular liquid foundation.

Why choose airbrush makeup over traditional makeup?

For traditional makeup, be it liquid, cream or a powder foundation, you have to use a foundation brush or a sponge. Thereby the application of the foundation becomes thicker and it takes more time to apply.

On the other hand, using an airbrush gun will give you a flawless look without making you look as if you are wearing too much makeup. They have different kinds of foundations available and you can get one that suits your skin type. The misted spray of the airbrush makeup provides an even makeup skin. It is waterproof and the consistency is a less creamy than the regular one.

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Always use an airbrush gun in a circular motion, says Namrata Soni

“You do get your air gun filled with color also. They are very easy to use and convenient.”, says the celebrity makeup artist. “You have to apply it in a circular motion. At least 6-7 inches away from the skin. And if there’s a certain area of the skin that needs to be covered a little bit extra, go into that closely with the air gun and then pull out again. It’s very important to know that you do this in a circular motion. Just don’t start streaking it. Wherever you see the spots, go in closer and let the airbrush do its job. 6-7 inches is ideal because it also gives you control over your hand.”

Namrata Soni at the Vogue Wedding Show masterclass

“The beauty of an air gun is you can keep on building so much. If you feel you have done enough and don’t to put any more makeup, then stop. Finish the rest of your makeup and you can go in with an air gun and fix in the certain areas which need more coverage.”

“It requires a few days to master because you have to do it in front of a mirror. When you do in front of a mirror, you know where you have to exactly go in. This is like the purest form of foundation you can get. It’s water based, silicone based, it’s sweat resistant, it does not come off for many many hours. For all my brides, I do air brushing. After 12 hours of makeup, it doesn’t move. It’s recommended for everyday use because they have different kinds of foundation available. They have hydraulic, which gives moisture to the skin.”

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