One of the most sensitive parts of your body, lips define your beauty and health. Out of the various signs of aging, the one that mostly goes unchecked is the lips wrinkles. Lip wrinkles make you look older and weak. Being the most sensitive part your lips require some extra pampering. Moreover, it is quite difficult to fix the damaged and cracked lips. So in order to have flawless, kiss ready lips, here are some of the ways to get rid of lips wrinkles.

Rose Petals plus Milk

Soak some rose petals in raw milk and grind it into a paste. Apply it on your lips and wash off after 5 minutes. Repeat it daily to regain the smoothness and natural color of your lips.

Vitamin E Oil plus Almond Oil

The anti oxidants present in Vitamin E helps you gain the smoothness of your lips back. Adding almond oil to it keeps your lips moisturized and healthy.

Sugar plus Honey Scrub
Scrub your lips at least twice a week with honey and sugar mixture. This helps you get rid of the dead and dry skin of lips and treats the wrinkles.

Cinnamon plus Coconut Oil
Cinnamon powder mixed with coconut oil can work wonders for your lips. It helps to restore your natural lip shine and softness. You can also use other natural oils like Jojoba oil, tree oil, clove oil etc.

Papaya Lip Mask
Prepare a paste of mashed Papaya and honey and apply it on your lips for about 10 minutes daily. The Papaya lip mask will heal your damaged lips and make your lips soft and smooth like never before.

Gram flour plus turmeric powder
Turmeric powder is the solution to almost all your skin problems. A pinch of turmeric powder mixed with a teaspoon of gram flour with rose water. Form a paste and apply it on your lips to reduce lip wrinkles.