Undereye circles are caused by exhaustion. The best way to remove is to get more sleep. Sleeping late, waking up early, drinking coffee to not get exhausted. A poor diet should be avoided. But let’s face the truth. Dark circles under our eye stop us from getting the picture-perfect skin we want. That is when the makeup comes in.

In case you have skin problems, experts recommend you go to a dermatologist instead of keeping on covering it up with makeup. “Skin under your eyes is the most sensitive. If you treat this part of your skin rough, you’re going to age faster. You will get lines underneath your eyes and your skin will get dehydrated faster. Always drink lots of water.”, says celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni at the Vogue Wedding Show. She has done makeup for big celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor and is a known authority. Taking few insights from her we draw up a check list of things you must do get over the dark circles :

Hydrating is a must

Apply a good eye cream around your eye area to hydrate your skin. Moisturizing your skin before applying makeup is a necessity. Also, it minimizes the appearance of any wrinkles or lines on your face. Apply the eye cream with your ring finger as it the weakest and dependable finger. Apply it in the anticlockwise direction.

Foundation is the first step

You needn’t wear a foundation every day. Use it only on the blemishes. To cover up your dark circles, again use your ring finger. Apply in an anti-clockwise direction. Don’t apply too much foundation otherwise your skin will look uneven.

Apply concealers only underneath your eyes

Firstly, choose a concealer that suits your skin type. It contains oils and tends to crease our skin. Hence it won’t be set right. Therefore, blend it well with a damp makeup sponge. Apply it upward from the apples of your cheeks towards your temples under your eye.

You can apply another round of concealer if you want to. This will help in making your makeup last longer. If you apply the second layer, blend it again with a damp sponge. Otherwise, it may look very cakey.

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Air brush it out

Apply a huge fluffy eye shadow brush or air brushes to apply translucent powder to set the base makeup. Then you can just remove the excess powder using a fluffy brush. Alternatively, you can use an air brush to make it look even.

Remove your makeup before you sleep

No matter how much tired you should never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. Or it will have adverse effects on your skin. Especially, remove the makeup beneath your eyes or they will get creased out.