Alia Bhatt is the only actress who is a queen of ‘no makeup’ looks. Hence college girls can relate to her sense of styling. It is difficult to come up with new ideas for the ‘outfit of the day’ look, especially when you are dealing with college assignments or exams.

College dressing is a bit tough as you don’t want to go overboard and yet bring a bit of jazz. Keeping its sweet, simple and sexy can be a task. So here is a college fashion guide book that we have brought together from Alia’s wardrobe to give you a celebrity look every day.

Jumpsuits and Dungarees

Alia looks adorable when she wears a dungaree especially if it is paired with some peppy colors or soft hues. Jumpsuits and dungarees never fail to impress. They are the cutest style and perfect for the college atmosphere.

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Play with denim

College means long hour classes and endless traveling. To beat such tiring factors one needs to wear something comfortable but stylish. Alia looks like a college girl when she wore a denim jacket over a satin dress.  You can also wear the long kurtis that she slays with ease. Try the mix and match formula with denim they work wonders!

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Date dress

This red cat print dress is the best dress to create perfect ‘first impressions’. A dress can give you that extra edge for a college date and also won’t look ‘too welcoming’.

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Shorts for a chic look

Alia loves shorts. Add a white button-down shirt and cute sandals for a casual look. Layering is a smart move if you want to make that casual look into a rock concern outfit. Also, you can add a pretty tank and kimono for something casual but party-ready.

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Distress jeans to dress down

A perfect distress denim is easy to pair with for a cool college wear. There are times when dressing takes efforts and you are not in a mood, that’s when distress denim fit in. Pair it with jumpers or crop top it works well with both.