You don’t know about Mumbai if you don’t have the names of ‘khau gallis’ on the tip of your tongue. There are many and all of them are very very good. It’s always a challenge to have a favorite. The narrow by-lanes of every station, college and office offer delicious pocket-friendly treats. They are packed with crowds making a beeline for their favorite snacks, sweets and more.

Khau Gallis remain supremely busy during and after the lunch hours. The most inspiring thing about Khau Gallis is that these culinary delights satisfy your taste buds without burning too big a hole in your pocket! Here’s a look at some of the popular Khau Gallis of Mumbai that you must check before your fate takes a turn and you have to leave the ‘City of Dreams’.

DELUXE SPECIAL GOLA😍 Definitely not your ordinary gola😛 Its a delicious assortment of colourful flavoured syrups. The dry fruits give it a nice crunchy texture. It doesn’t end here…it’s core has got vanilla icecream too😋 We recommend this🍴💯 . Price : 150 Rs . Location : Pooja Malai Gola, Ghatkopar KhauGalli, Mumbai For more on the KhauGalli food,click the link in the bio! . Follow us on Facebook and zomato -The Food Fanatic @thefoodfanatic_ . #poojamalaigola #ice #frozendessert #syrup #beattheheat #colourful #dryfruits #yummy #icecream #eeeeeats #foodie #borntoeat #foodnetwork #foodmaniacindia #foodgasm #foodporn #foodstagram #tastespotting #blogged #streetfood #ghatkoparkhaugalli #india #letsblogsomefood #foodblogger #thefoodfanatic

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Khau Galli of Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar being a hub of Marwaris and Gujus is a paradise for vegetarian foodies. You cannot live in Mumbai and not come here for the world famous ‘Remix dosa’. Yes! Dosa can be fun too when you experiment with fillings. You will find fillings such as Manchurian, paneer, chocolate, noodles, mix veg, Maggie, cheese, and a lot more. You cannot miss Cheese Burst Sada Dosa for the world, the Thousand Island Dosa, and Ice Cream Dosa.

Try or die:

  • Jinny Dosa
  • Sai Swad Dosa
  • Hot Spot

Tri coloured kebabs and tikkas #food #gluttony #mohammedaliroad #mumbai #streetsofmumbai #streetfood #kebabs #tikkas

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Khau Galli of Mohammed Ali Road

Mohammed Ali Road provides a plethora of options for all kinds of foodies and especially for meat lovers. From sizzling chicken tikkas, fluffy naans, succulent kebabs, and mouth watering rabri-malpuas can make you fall in love with the makers. It’s indeed a gastronomic heaven. Every Mumbaikar makes it a point to have Nawabi dinner alongside Minara Masjid during Ramzan festivals.

The blockbuster dishes of this eatery joints are Nalli Nihari and Haleem, something even Bollywood celebs like Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan don’t miss. Suleiman Bakery offers the best Phirni in the city so don’t leave without having desserts no matter how full you are!

Try or Die:

  • Bademiyan
  • Noor Mohammedi Hotel
  • Suleman Usmaan Mithaiwala

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Moong Dal Kachori @ Bikaner Sweets

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Khau Galli of Tardeo

This khau galli is placed in the heart of Mumbai city. It caters mostly to office goers who are trying to find a quick fix for lunch. Be it Pau Bhaji and South Indian lunch thali or shawarmas and mutton biryanis, Tardeo has something for everyone.

Try or Die:

  • Sardar’s Pav Bhaji
  • Mamaji’s Grill and Pizza
  • Hotel Sai Gomantak Restaurant

Zanzanit Misal Hotel PRAKASH, Shivaji Peak, Dadar #mumbaikhaugalli

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सीफुड फेस्टीवल 2017

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Khau Galli of Cross Maidan

This must be the largest street food joint in Mumbai that starts from SNDT college to Cross Maidan. The lane near Marine lines is the best place for people working during late hours. Manchurian rice, alu baby corn chaat, pav bhaji, cheese paneer frankie, and the Bombay sandwich are few of the popular dishes here.

If you fancy a non-veg meal, cross over to the Cross Maidan for some delicious chicken curry with hot rotis. If you need a quick fix, grab a butter pav bhurji and bhajiyas with a milkshake and you are good to go!

Try or Die:

  • Hans Ras Mandir
  • Lenin Pav Bhaji Centre
  • Raju’s Chinese