Celina Jaitley in her recent pictures is seen flaunting her baby bump. Apparently, the Bollywood actress is baby-mooning with husband Peter Haag in Austria as she enters the last trimester of her pregnancy. As she spends some quality time with Peter, the actor visited a place in Austria where she planted a wild berry bush and named it after her sons, Winston and Viraaj.

Celina is seen wearing a ruby red sweater and flaunting her pregnant belly. It’s always good to take some time out from your busy life and feel the breeze. Welcoming a baby changes the dynamics of a family so why not you go for a quick vacation and come out all rejuvenated to embrace your new born.

Moms-to-be need some getaway

Leaving your daily grind is very important for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strengthening. As you slowly approach this life-changing event, it is even more important to get away from the drains and relax to recharge you for parenting.

Groom yourself for parenthood

Parenting is wonderful but quite exhausting. Rest as much as you can until your hands are full. Many of moms-to-be get their best sleep on vacation and so that you come back feeling rejuvenated.

Relive your romantic days with your partner

This change is going to change your way of life. Late night parties, midnight ice-cream treats, holidaying at adventurous destinations is going to be a story from the past. Your new born is going to be the center of attraction from the very first moment. This at times puts a lot of strain on couples. Baby-mooning can help you walk into parenthood more connected than ever.

Time to set goals

What legacy do you want to create as a mom? How will you raise your child? These are some concerns one needs to address and where other than a vacation you can think over these subjects.

Give your taste buds some treat

The new place has new cuisines to experiment on, especially when you are pregnant your taste buds are a bit too demanding. The baby moon is the best place to satisfy your taste buds and enjoy delicious food in during your vacation.